Notes- AWS setting up from zero

This notes a about to record how I start a Amazon AWS service from zero.

When I access to the AWS console first time, I got confused and just felt that I may not able to handle it. So I try to as an expert to do something for me, but the price just shocked me and finally, I decided to face this AWS monster I myself.

And now, I think I could easily handle EC2 and RDS in minutes, at the same time, I learned how to use linux commands and setting up phpmyadmin. To get all of these skills and knowledge just used me 3 days! Yes, so I thing the most important is : Don’t think too much, must google it and do it, times by times, and you get it.

  1. Setting up EC2 – See this2:,,
  2. Login to AWS using PuTTY – ** Using 1024 bits in generated key in PuttyKeyGen, don’t use 2048, refer to :
  3. Creating Security Group – Security Group handle all accesiblity to the AWS
  4. Understanding VPC – realated to Security Group
  5. Start RDS service – Very Easy, see Setting Up EC2 second link
  6. Install Apache and Php – sudo service httpd start, see Setting Up EC2 first link.
  7. Access to RDS Mysql  –  refer to : ,
  8. Install PhpMyAdmin – according to AWS lesson, note: the path is >>  /etc/phpMyAdmin  , see Setting EC2 first link
  9. Upload files to AWS Linux by using Pageant and PSCP – Pageant must required to add key. see:
  10. Understanding Linux – Just Like Dos


Go ahead now!!!




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