For those young guys who shocked by the fact that UK’s leaving EU

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A beautiful misunderstood caused by Social Media  – For those young guys who shocked by the fact that  UK’s leaving EU

The UK is leaving EU by the vote. And after that, many young guys was shocked by this fact looks like it’s a nightmare.

But it’s true!

In here , I just want to say something about Social Media which may be the reason causing this shock.  Now a days, every young people using mobile phones and social media, and almost of people around them using mobile phone and social media, too. In these days in these medias, we can read many news about the vote of leaving EU, but most of them are telling us that leaving EU is just a joke and NO BODY will really make UK leaving EU, even the news on TV said that the percentage is so closed.

Young people read social messages by their OWN social media network and trusted social media around them , and surely trust that EVERY ONE around them will vote to stay. Because all the social media using mostly by young people and yes , even them managed by young people.  But how about older peoples? They don’t use social media to express what they want, and this is why you CANNOT see those voice in the social medias! But in the vote, the older people took action to vote to leave , and the young people just thinking that we sure will win ,sure will stay in EU, and they , many of them even doesn’t go to vote, especially those in big cities!!

And that’s this result! And that’s why it make young people shocked!!

This story telling us one thing: Social medias is ONLY your own social media and it CANNOT represent to the true voice of the society. Social media only shows what you want to see and interested!

And this is a gap!! This gap made this misunderstood to young people.


關於英國脫歐,我純粹覺得這是「科技化的美麗誤會」,年輕人頻繁使手機上社交媒體,而社交媒體的主力又係年輕人,甚至營運媒體的也是年輕人。 結果造成一個錯覺「leaving EU is a joke」,睇返張圖,大城市投票率低很多。但老一輩的人呢,很少在社交媒體發表什麼,但他們卻有熱情和行動力,所以結果是這樣。所以年輕人才覺得無法接受同覺得突然。 這說明了,我們以為的social media 并非真的具有代表社會意向的作用,那只是代表了你身周的社會,甚至只是你有意識選擇了的社會。

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